Dinosaur Invitations

Caroline Bailey
9 min readJun 18, 2024


Welcome, dear reader, to our roundup article featuring an array of fun and exciting Dinosaur Invitations. In this piece, we’ll introduce you to the best invitations that will help bring a touch of prehistoric magic to your special event. Get ready to embark on a journey back in time and discover the perfect invitation for you!

The Top 6 Best Dinosaur Invitations

  1. Party City Jurassic World Custom Invitation Set — Bring your Jurassic World party to life with these personalized, customizable 4in x 6in or 5in x 7in photo invitations featuring an Indominus rex, complete with your choice of matte, glossy or pearlescent finish, and white envelopes included.
  2. Dino-Mite Party Invitations for Kids — Hallmark — Unleash the fun with Dino-Mite Party Invitations, a pack of 10 for a roaring celebration!
  3. Dino-themed Birthday Invitations — Elevate your child’s birthday party to a prehistoric adventure with customizable Dinosaur Invitations, featuring stunning photo backgrounds and versatile customization options.
  4. Deluxe Dino Invitations for Prehistoric Birthday Celebrations — Prepare for a prehistoric party with these 8 Deluxe Dino Invitations, perfectly sized for T-Rex enthusiasts and fitting for a dino-sized celebration!
  5. Custom Jurassic World Birthday Party Invitations — Create a stunning dinosaur-themed party with custom Jurassic World photo invitations featuring T-Rex, available in two sizes and finishes, easy customization, and included white envelopes.
  6. Dinosaur Themed 40ct Birthday Invitations — Create a special dinosaur-themed birthday party with AmandaCreation’s high-quality, handwritten Dino-Mite Invites, featuring 5x7 inch visually impactful cards on 80# cardstock paper, making your celebration unforgettable.

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Party City Jurassic World Custom Invitation Set

I recently tried Party City’s Jurassic World Photo Invitations for a friend’s birthday party, and I have to say, they were a hit! The invitations featured a fierce Indominus rex and a vibrant green border, perfect for our dinosaur-themed event.

I loved how easy it was to personalize the invitations — I could change the font, text color, and even add a photo of our friend in the middle. Plus, the wide variety of finishes to choose from allowed me to make the invitations look just right for our event.

However, I did encounter a slight snag when it came to the size options. I ordered the 4in x 6in size, but I later found out that there was also a 5in x 7in size available. It would have been great to know about both options upfront, but luckily, everything turned out fine in the end.

All in all, Party City’s Jurassic World Photo Invitations were a fun and easy way to invite guests to our party. With the combination of dinosaur-themed design and customizable options, they were definitely a hit!

Dino-Mite Party Invitations for Kids — Hallmark

Celebrate in prehistoric style with the Hallmark Dino-Mite Party Invitations. This pack of 10 flat cards comes in a vibrant design perfect for children’s birthday parties, preschool and kindergarten graduations, or any other fun event.

Each invitation features a clear message and the event’s details, with a thickness and texture that feels more expensive than it is. The Hallmark brand is known for their high-quality greeting cards and gift wrap, and this product is no exception.

The dinosaur design adds a charming touch, ideal for young guests who love everything about the prehistoric period.

Dino-themed Birthday Invitations

As a kid, you couldn’t get enough of dinosaurs, and seeing them in movies and books only heightened your fascination. So, it’s no surprise that when I saw these custom prehistoric dinosaurs photo invitations, I knew they’d be perfect for my child’s birthday party. The photo invitations featured a stunning prehistoric scenery, with dinosaurs taking center stage. I loved how they added a fun and unique touch to the party.

The highlight was the guest of honor’s photo, which automatically made the invite stand out. I appreciated the flexibility in customizing the message, and the option to change the font and text color. The invitations looked fantastic, printed on an exclusive 102lb premium matte stock, available in three convenient sizes. The white envelopes were a nice bonus, too. I’m happy to say that these truly helped make my child’s party a roaring good time!

Deluxe Dino Invitations for Prehistoric Birthday Celebrations

Invite your guests on a dino-madventure with the 5 9/10" x 7 3/5" Dino Invitations. Crafted with a sense of fun and adventure in mind, these invites measure up for a T-Rex-worthy celebration. Sending a pack of eight, these vibrant dino cards offer a unique and prehistoric touch to your event. Perfect for both the die-hard dino fans and the ones just discovering their love for these ancient creatures, these invitations are sure to spice up the atmosphere with a roaring welcome.

However, if you’re considering weight, one might need to note that these vibrantly-colored invitations weigh about 0.73 lb. Nonetheless, the size and weight seem to balance well with the theme, adding to the overall impact and intrigue the invitations bring to the table.

Custom Jurassic World Birthday Party Invitations

I recently tried out the custom Jurassic World Invitations for a birthday party, and let me tell you, they were a hit! The design, featuring a T-Rex on a charming blue background, really captured the essence of a dinosaur-themed event. Plus, the cardstock paper options were not only premium but also available in a lovely matte, glossy, or pearlescent finish. As a reviewer, I appreciate how easy it was to customize the message and even switch up the font and text color.

With a choice of two sizes and including white envelopes, these invitations truly went above and beyond. My favorite part was the speedy delivery, as I needed them quickly and they arrived faster than expected. The overall customer experience was fantastic, and I have no doubt these invitations will be another great addition to any Jurassic World-themed party.

Pros: Great design, easy customization, and fast delivery.

Cons: (none)

Highly recommend these for your next dinosaur-themed event, trust me, they will make your party stand out!

Dinosaur Themed 40ct Birthday Invitations

I recently came across these Dino-Mite Invitations from AmandaCreation and decided to give them a try for my child’s birthday party. The quality of the invitations really stood out to me, as they were printed on 80# cardstock paper which made them feel substantial and special.

The size of the invitations at 5x7" was also a plus since they made a bigger visual impact than most other invitations I’ve seen. I loved that these invitations came with 20 invite cards and 20 white envelopes, making the process of mailing them out super convenient.

One thing I found a bit challenging was the handwriting on the invites. While it added a nice personal touch, it made it a bit more time-consuming to fill in all the information for each guest. However, overall the Dino-Mite Invitations from AmandaCreation were easy to use and a unique way to let guests know about my child’s upcoming birthday party.

Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to creating a memorable and exciting experience for kids, dinosaur-themed invitations are the way to go. These invitations can add a unique touch to various events like birthday parties, pre-school gatherings, or even themed holiday celebrations. This buyer’s guide will help you understand the essential features and considerations to take into account when selecting dinosaur invitations for your event.

Design and Customization

Designs and customization are crucial factors to consider when purchasing dinosaur invitations. Look for invitations that feature a wide range of dinosaur species and a variety of colors. Choose invitations with captivating illustrations and vibrant graphics that will capture the attention of both children and adults. Consider personalizing the invitations by adding the event details, child’s name, and the date on them.

Material and Quality

The material and quality of the dinosaur invitations play a significant role in their durability and overall appearance. Opt for invitations made of high-quality paper that can withstand handling and shipping without getting damaged. Look for invitations with a matte finish that provides a premium look and prevents glare. Additionally, make sure the ink used is waterproof and fade-resistant to ensure the invitation colors remain bright and vibrant even after exposure to water or sunlight.

Size and Envelope

Consider the size of the dinosaur invitations and their envelopes when making your purchase. Opt for invitations that are appropriate for the size of your event and can be easily mailed or handed out. Ensure that the envelope size is sufficient to hold the invitation without folding it awkwardly. Choose envelopes with a bright and coordinating color that complements the invitation’s design and enhances its overall appearance.

Additional Features

Some dinosaur invitations come with additional features that can make them more attractive to both children and parents. Look for invitations that include matching thank you cards, postcards, or bookmarks for guests to take home. Consider invitations that are printed on eco-friendly paper or those with recycled materials to show your commitment to sustainability. Lastly, don’t forget to check if the invitations are compatible with popular event planning tools and apps, making it easier to manage your party details.


What types of dinosaur invitations are available?

Our article features a variety of dinosaur-themed invitations, including paper, digital, and 3D options. These invitations come in various designs, shapes, and colors, catering to different themes, tastes, and preferences. Whether you prefer a prehistoric look or a more modern interpretation, we’ve got you covered.

Some popular dinosaur-themed invitations include designs featuring famous dinosaurs like T-Rex and Brachiosaurus, underwater scenes with swimming dinosaurs, and even cartoonish dinosaurs that add a touch of humor to the celebration. These invitations are ideal for dinosaur-themed parties, baby showers, and birthday events for children of all ages.

How can I customize my dinosaur invitation?

Many of our featured invitations offer the option to personalize the text, colors, and design elements to suit your preferences and party theme. You may choose from a selection of fonts, background colors, and images, or even upload your own custom images for a truly unique invitation. This allows you to showcase your creativity and express your party’s individuality, making your celebration one to remember.

Some suppliers also offer customization services, where you can work directly with a designer to create a tailored invitation that meets your unique needs. This option is ideal for those looking for even more personalized and exclusive touches for their event. Consult the specifications of the invitation provider or brand for more information on customization options.

How long does it take for me to receive my dinosaur invitations?

Delivery times for dinosaur invitations can vary depending on the type of invitation you choose and the location of your supplier. Paper invitations usually take around 3–5 business days to be printed and shipped, while digitally delivered invitations are typically available for instant download upon purchase. For expedited shipping, you may need to pay an additional fee. Please refer to our article for specific details on delivery times for each supplier.

When placing your order, make sure to account for the time required to create and process the invitations. This will allow you ample time to make any necessary changes and prepare the invitations for your event. Additionally, make sure to place your order within an appropriate timeframe to ensure timely delivery.

Can I buy dinosaur invitations in different sizes?

Yes, our article features dinosaur invitations in various sizes catering to different mailing or display needs. Standard sizes, such as A5, A6, and A7, are typically available for paper invitations, while digital versions can come in any size suitable for your device’s display. When ordering, be sure to select the appropriate size based on your mailing or display requirements, and consult the supplier’s guidelines for optimal printing and viewing quality.

If you require a specific size not listed, some suppliers may offer bespoke options. In this case, you would need to reach out to the supplier directly to discuss your requirements and receive a pricing estimate. Customized sizes may incur additional fees, but it will ensure that your choice of invitation best fit your event’s needs.

Are there any environmentally-friendly options for dinosaur invitations?

Yes, environmentally-friendly alternatives are available for those looking to minimize their party’s ecological footprint. Some of these options include plant-based, biodegradable, or recycled paper invitations. Other choices may include using environmentally-friendly inks, waterproof coatings, or even creating digital invitations with an eco-conscious approach.

When browsing our featured options, look for invitations marked with eco-friendly symbols or keywords, such as “green” or “sustainable. “ This will help you quickly identify options that align with your values and lessen the environmental impact of your event. Remember to consult the supplier’s materials and processes for more detailed information on sustainability and ecological impact.

How can I save money on dinosaur invitations?

Several ways can help you save money on dinosaur invitations while still finding a high-quality product for your celebration. One option is to shop during seasonal sales or pre-order promotions offered by various suppliers and brands. By planning ahead, you can take advantage of discounted prices on invitations and other event supplies. You can also try using discount codes or store loyalty rewards, if applicable, to further reduce your expenses.

Another way to save money is by opting for a less expensive digital invitation instead of a physical, printed one. Digital invitations can be more affordable while still featuring visually appealing designs and sharing event details seamlessly with your guests. Consider your budget, party goals, and the preferences of your attendees when deciding which type of invitation best fits your needs and budget.

As an Amazon Affiliate™ I may earn from qualified purchases