Baby Rocking Horses

Caroline Bailey
11 min readJun 18, 2024


Welcome to our roundup of the top Baby Rocking Horses on the market! Whether you’re a new parent looking for a fun and engaging toy for your little one or a seasoned parent searching for the perfect addition to your child’s collection, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll be exploring the best Baby Rocking Horses that have captured the hearts of children and parents alike.

The Top 7 Best Baby Rocking Horses

  1. Qaba Lamb Nursery Stuffed Animal Rocking Horse for Kids — Saddle up for endless fun with the Qaba Lamb Rocking Horse, a unique and comfortable ride-on toy that promotes balance, core strength, and independent play for kids.
  2. Qaba Kids’ Musical Wooden Rocking Horse — Experience the perfect blend of comfort, fun, and visual appeal with the Qaba Kids Ride On Rocking Horse, designed for kids ages 18 months and up, featuring soft plush materials, a sturdy wooden base, and a sweet lullaby song to keep them engaged.
  3. Aurora Baby Girl’s Gentle Rocking Horse — Aurora Baby Girl Rocking Horse” — A captivating and soothing plush rocking horse perfect for any nursery, featuring a wind-up Brahms Lullaby, high-quality materials, and beautiful embroidery.
  4. Happy Trails Spring Rocking Horse Toy for Kids — Happy Trails Spring Rocking Horse transforms your child’s world into a magical ride with its plush design, adjustable foot stirrups, and fun sounds — creating endless joy and memories.
  5. Plush Rocking Horse Toy with Realistic Sounds and Comfortable Ride — Bring home a lively, plush rocking horse companion that captivates the hearts of toddlers to years old, featuring enjoyable sounds, easy setup, and a comfortable seat for endless playtime adventures.
  6. Adorable Elephant Rocking Horse for Babies — Grey — Experience an imaginative playtime with the Qaba Baby Rocking Horse Elephant Rocking Chair — a soft, durable, and sturdy playground for your 1.5 to 3-year-old toddler in grey, complete with a captivating sound feature and safety belt.
  7. Musical Horse Rocker for Kids — Pottery Barn Kids Toys — This Musical Horse Rocker from Pottery Barn Kids is a beloved toy that brings joy to little ones with its lifelike horse sounds and durability, making it an excellent choice for ages 1 to 5 years!

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Qaba Lamb Nursery Stuffed Animal Rocking Horse for Kids


Introducing the Qaba Lamb Rocking Horse Sheep, a beloved nursery plush toy that provides a unique combination of comfort and fun for kids. This adorable wooden ride-on rocker features a sturdy design that stands 19.25 inches tall, with a 25.5-inch length and an 11-inch width. Its soft and cuddly exterior ensures a comfortable sit for children, while also promoting mobility, independent play, and core muscle strength.

The Qaba Lamb Rocking Horse Sheep also comes with the added feature of simulated animal sounds, making it even more enticing for young children. It’s the perfect toy to bring generations together, as it reminds us of our own cherished childhood memories.

With a high rating of 4.9 and 46 positive reviews, this rocking horse is a crowd-pleaser among parents and children alike. Users praise its attractiveness, fun factor, durability, sturdiness, and ease of assembly. Some customers even find it to be a perfect gift for infants and toddlers. Overall, the Qaba Lamb Rocking Horse Sheep is a high-quality nursery toy that provides both enjoyment and educational benefits for little ones.

Qaba Kids’ Musical Wooden Rocking Horse


Imagine the delight on your child’s face as they ride the adorable Qaba plush rocking horse. The sturdy wooden construction holds up beautifully to their playful energy, while the plush material ensures they’ll be comfortable for hours on end.

The real treasure though, is the sweet lullaby song that plays when they squeeze the horse’s ear. And let’s not forget about those handles and footrests — perfect for keeping your child secure as they enjoy the rocking motion.

It’s no surprise that this toy has become a favorite among families, offering both fun and visual appeal, with a touch of audio magic.

Aurora Baby Girl’s Gentle Rocking Horse


As a parent, I’ve always been on the lookout for unique and meaningful gifts for my child. When I came across the Aurora Baby Girl Rocking Horse, I was immediately drawn to its charming design and whimsical charm. The plush horse is not only super soft, with its high-quality materials, but also features a beautiful satin bow accent and embroidery that adds a touch of elegance.

One of the highlights of this musical rocking horse is the wind-up mechanism that plays “Brahms Lullaby. “ It’s a sweet sound that has become a comforting and soothing part of our baby’s bedtime routine. The lock washer eyes also provide an added sense of safety and durability, giving me peace of mind knowing my little one is playing with a well-made toy.

While the size of the rocking horse might be slightly larger than I initially anticipated, I’ve come to appreciate how it adds a delightful touch to our nursery. This musical rocking horse has quickly become our baby’s favorite companion, providing hours of entertainment and soothing dreams.

Overall, the Aurora Baby Girl Rocking Horse is a thoughtful and unique gift for any baby girl. Its high-quality materials, charming design, and peaceful lullaby make it a perfect addition to any nursery.

Happy Trails Spring Rocking Horse Toy for Kids

Introducing the Happy Trails Spring Rocking Horse Plush Ride On Toy — a perfect, plush friend for your little ones to cuddle, sit, and play on. Made by Happy Trails, this toy is designed to last, with strong springs covered in plastic tubing protectively. Suitable for kids ages 2–5, it stands at 35 inches tall and features saddle height for sitting at 26 inches.

The cage dimensions are 38 inches long by 24 inches wide, so there’s plenty of space for your child to sit securely and enjoy the lifelike horse sounds this rocking horse produces. The toy is enjoyable for both children and adults, making it a great birthday or Christmas gift for your animal-loving little ones.

However, be cautious when buying this toy, as there have been cases of counterfeit products and unauthorized sellers. Always look for the Happy Trails logo on the packaging to ensure authenticity. While most reviews praise the sturdiness and enjoyability of the product, some customers report issues with the packaging and occasional durability concerns. Overall, this Happy Trails Spring Rocking Horse Plush Ride On Toy with Adjustable Foot Stirrups and Sounds Pink is a beloved gift that brings smiles to the faces of both children and their parents.

Plush Rocking Horse Toy with Realistic Sounds and Comfortable Ride

When I discovered the Happy Trails Rocking Horse Plush Animal On Wooden Rockers with Sounds, Stirrups, Saddle Reins, Ride On Toy, Toddlers to Years Old by Happy Trails in pink, I knew it would be the perfect gift for my little one. The moment it arrived, I couldn’t wait to help my daughter assemble the toy.

Assembling the rocking horse was a breeze. The instructions were clear, and it didn’t take long to get everything together. My daughter’s eyes lit up as she saw the cute and lifelike features of the horse, as well as the sound it made when she pressed its ear. It was quite a hit!

My daughter absolutely loves playing with the rocking horse, and it quickly became her favorite toy. She enjoys the ride-on feature and the comfortable saddle reins. The stirrups add a fun element to the toy, making it even more engaging for my child.

However, there was one drawback — the sturdiness of the product. Although the rocking horse is quite durable, my daughter accidentally knocked it over and it didn’t hold up as well as I had hoped. I was expecting more durability, especially considering the price.

Despite this minor issue, I still believe the Happy Trails Rocking Horse is a high-quality toy that provides hours of entertainment for children of various ages. The animal-loving child in my life appreciates the wide variety of rocking and spring animals from Happy Trails, and I’m glad I made the purchase.

Adorable Elephant Rocking Horse for Babies — Grey

The Qaba Baby Rocking Horse Elephant Rocking Chair is a delightful addition to any toddler’s playtime. With its adorable elephant design, soft fuzzy comfort, and playful animal sounds, it effortlessly captures the attention of young children. The toy provides both comfort and ease of movement, thanks to the supportive frame and thoughtful features like the cupped seat, seatbelt, footrests, and handlebars.

However, some customers have reported issues with the product’s sturdiness and assembly process. Nonetheless, the overall design and craftsmanship make it an attractive and suitable choice for little ones aged 1.5 to 3 years old.

Musical Horse Rocker for Kids — Pottery Barn Kids Toys

As a parent, I’ve had the chance to witness the joy this musical rocker horse brings. This charming plaything not only serves as an educational tool for youngsters but also adds a melodic touch to their daily fun.

The horse is artfully made from sustainable materials like 100% polyester and faux suede in polyester. The rocking horse itself stands as a symbol of endearment, made from solid wood with hand rails that offer a sense of security for little ones. What sets this gem apart is not only its realistic pony gait but also its uncanny horse neigh that adds a playful touch to their playtime.

However, some minor drawbacks are worth mentioning. The horse isn’t motorized, meaning it requires AA batteries that are tucked away neatly in the horse’s belly. The toy is recommended for children aged one to five, which means you may want to supervise younger children to avoid any potential mishaps.

Still, the Musical Horse Rocker is an enchanting toy that brings a unique music-themed fun to your child’s world.

Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to selecting the perfect baby rocking horse, there are several factors to consider. From safety features to durability, we’re here to guide you through the process of making an informed decision. In this buyer’s guide, we’ll discuss important features, considerations, and general advice for choosing the best baby rocking horse for your little one.

Considerations for Material Quality

One of the most important aspects when purchasing a baby rocking horse is the material quality. A high-quality rocking horse should be made from sturdy, non-toxic materials, such as solid wood or plastic. This will ensure that the rocking horse is both safe for your child and durable enough to withstand regular use.

Safety Features

Ensuring your child’s safety is a top priority when selecting a baby rocking horse. Look for models with smooth edges, non-slip feet, and sturdy frames. Additionally, make sure that any paint or finishes used on the rocking horse are lead-free and non-toxic. This will help minimize any potential hazards for your little one.

Comfort and Ergonomics

Your baby’s comfort should be a key factor when choosing a rocking horse. Look for models with soft, padded seats and a comfortable, ergonomic design. This will make it easier for your child to sit, rock, and enjoy the ride. Additionally, consider the size of the rocking horse to ensure it’s the right fit for your child’s height and weight.

Sizing and Weight Capacity

Before purchasing a baby rocking horse, take into account your child’s size and weight. Look for models that can accommodate your child’s size and provide a safe, comfortable ride. The weight capacity should also be considered, as it will help determine the rocking horse’s overall sturdiness and durability.


What age range is a baby rocking horse suitable for?

Baby rocking horses are typically designed for infants and toddlers over the age of one year, depending on the model and brand. These products can provide entertainment, exercise, and emotional support for young children as they grow and develop their skills. Always refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines or consult your pediatrician for specific age recommendations.

Additionally, consider your child’s balance, coordination, and strength before purchasing a baby rocking horse. Make sure it is appropriate for their stage of development to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for both the child and the parent or caregiver. Some models may also have adjustable settings for various age ranges, ensuring the product will grow with your child.

What are the benefits of a baby rocking horse?

Baby rocking horses offer numerous benefits for both children and parents. For children, these products provide entertainment and a sense of independence as they engage in imaginative play. Rocking horses also help foster gross motor skills, coordination, and balance. Many parents find them to be a versatile and educational toy that can both entertain and teach.

For parents, baby rocking horses can provide a convenient alternative to bouncing or rolling activities. They can be an effective way for children to unwind and expend excess energy while offering parents a little time to themselves. Additionally, rocking horses can be a valuable tool in teaching children about responsibility and caring for their belongings as they learn how to interact with and maintain the product.

What materials are typically used to make baby rocking horses?

Baby rocking horses are commonly made from wood, plastic, or a combination of both materials. Wooden rocking horses are often considered more durable and natural, whereas plastic toys might be lighter and more budget-friendly. Some models also feature safety features such as rounded edges or non-toxic finishes to ensure the safety of the child using the product.

It is essential to consider a balance between durability, safety, and price when selecting a baby rocking horse. Look for products made from high-quality, eco-friendly, or non-toxic materials to ensure the product is both safe and long-lasting for your child’s enjoyment and growth. Always prioritize safety above all else when choosing a toy for your baby.

How should I clean and maintain a baby rocking horse?

To maintain the cleanliness and longevity of a baby rocking horse, it is crucial to follow a proper cleaning and maintenance routine. Start by wiping the toy down with a soft cloth, making sure to reach all surfaces, including any small crevices or areas that may collect dust or dirt. For more thorough cleaning, use a mild detergent and a soft brush to tackle any tough stains or buildup.

After cleaning, allow the rocking horse to dry completely before storing it. Make sure to store it in a cool, dry area away from direct sunlight to prevent any damage to the finish. Check the safety and stability of the toy periodically to ensure it remains in good working condition and continues to meet safety standards for your child’s age and development.

Can I find baby rocking horses in various designs and colors?

Yes, baby rocking horses come in a wide range of designs and colors to suit different personal preferences and styles. Traditional rocking horse designs, such as the classic wooden rocking horse, remain popular, while modern designs may feature bright colors, playful patterns, or unique shapes to capture a child’s attention and imagination.

It is essential to select a baby rocking horse that appeals to your child and meets their specific needs and interests. Consider factors such as durability, safety, and age appropriateness when choosing the perfect rocking horse for your little one. Additionally, pay attention to customer reviews and recommendations to help guide your decision-making process.

What is the best baby rocking horse for my child?

The best baby rocking horse for your child depends on their age, preferences, and developmental needs. When selecting a rocking horse, consider factors such as material, safety features, and age appropriateness. Look for a product with high-quality materials that is both durable and safe for your child to use.

Additionally, consider your child’s interests, personality, and developmental stage when choosing a design. A rocking horse with a vibrant color palette and playful pattern may be more appealing to some children, while others may prefer a more traditional, wooded design. Ultimately, the best baby rocking horse is one that your child enjoys and provides them with a safe, engaging, and educational experience.

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